Warrior | Self Portraits


If you’ve been here with me for some time, you know by now that I consider myself a mental health warrior. If you’re new, welcome, I’m happy you’re here and considering the normalization and acceptance of mental illness. 

I use the term “mental health warrior” so much that I forgot what it truly means. Rather than considering the true warrior, I had gotten into a comfortable place in recovery where I was sure the largest battles are over. 

It is foolish of me in hindsight, but I’m humbled and bathed in gratitude for the opportunity to usher another battle cry. To have my roots deepen in the midst of discomfort, grief, and unknowing. To face my tendency to create a space for myself in which there are no battles, but there is also no discovery, no risk, no pure joy. When I am too comfortable, I know I am not growing. 

“The sense of invincibility of the warrior can lead to an inflated ego, but the true gift and power of this archetype is the ability to release selfish ends and conquer malevolent forces. The enlightened warrior knows that the true enemy is the enemy within. The power to face and triumph over one’s inner demons is the gift of the warrior. So too is a deep appreciation for the sanctity of all life.”

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