Jess & Shea | Married

I’ve spent the majority of the last five years with Easton, MD as my home, and the last two of those years have introduced me to the wonderful group of artists and community that is unique to this small town on the Eastern Shore. 

Shea is the owner of Sweetfoot Studios, and our studio neighbor at the Davis Arts Center. Jess is a photography teacher at the Gunston School not too far from Easton; both of them are immensely loved and respected as humans and artists in our little corner of the world. 

Their true love is so evident by the sweet vows they exchanged during their ceremony. I believe a lifetime love is one where you are also best friends, and it is so clear that they are best friends forever.

Their wedding was a prime example of the value of investing in professional photographs for your wedding day.  They could have easily had a photography student take their photos, but they decided to go the professional route with me! :D And I’m beyond grateful that they trusted me in this milestone of their adventure together. 

Believe me when I say that your perfect day will fly by, the flowers will dry, the celebration will end, and you’ll want the memories to last forever not just for yourself, but as a family heirloom. :)

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