Healing Sessions FAQ

I’m going to be totally candid here; the birth of the healing session was a complete accident. One day in February, during the hardest winter of my entire life, my best friend reached out to me to ask if we could creatively collaborate to express some heavy grief that she had been feeling. This beautiful session here is what ensued. 

(You can also find it featured on Shoot It with Film)

After reflecting on how cathartic the experience was, not only for Jenn, but for myself, a thought took root. 

What if I did this for all kinds of people, through all walks of life?

What if I used my creative gifts to invite them into vulnerability and allowed them to explore themselves and their story in an unconventional way?

And so, I did just that. For anyone who has heard the little healing session buzz, this is for you. To understand just what those two words mean to me and what they could mean for you.

So like, what IS a healing session?

A healing session with me is a space and experience curated into anything that you want or need it to be. What makes it different than a traditional portrait session is the call to bravery, vulnerability, and owning your story. It’s a form of art therapy. It is the intention with which we create together that transforms it. It’s all in the process and each session is as unique as each person.

Does it require that I talk in depth about my mental illness, trauma, or life stories?

No, it does not. I am in no way a licensed mental health professional; just a empath who longs to hold space for each and every person. That being said, we can have loooooong talks. We can explore only through art. This is 100% what you need and what is safe; it’s about being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone, but also honoring your boundaries.

What is the healing session process? 

I am so happy that you’ve decided to do this with me! First things first, reach out to me via my contact form to check my current availability. 

From there, you begin gathering together art and writing that you have created, or that other people have created, stories you want to tell me, life journeys that have really shaped you, music that communicates what you want to communicate, literally any inspiration under the sun. Send it all over to me via e-mail, and I will use my intuition and empathy to create a photo session that breathes your story. 

I will also curate a playlist to play while we shoot, and usually begin with a short ten minute meditation to help drop you into the intention of creating to heal.

How much does a healing session cost? 

Healing sessions are the only sessions I offer that are pay what you can, simply because this work is more of a heart practice than part of my livelihood. I work on an honor system; you can pay me a minimum of 100 dollars up to my usual session fee of 400 dollars. I’ve also received some incredible art and gifts in lieu of payment for those without the monetary ability. 

Can you travel to do a healing session with me? 

This is the only exception to the pay what you can policy. I would be happy to travel anywhere for a healing session for the cost of travel and lodging! 

Still have questions? Ready to heal with me? Shoot me an e-mail here! Thank you so much friends!

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