Barren | Self Portraits

to the child who was only adored,
ravaging through your home,
a blaze unrelenting,
your ax swinging madly
at your keepsakes and memories,
you’re paralyzed in destruction 

you are suffocating
on the smoke of every love letter
every beloved toy and broken promise,
you are burning alive in the inferno,
and when you have desecrated everything
you hold dear,
just to stay alive

when you have let your life burn
to the ground,
the winter has robbed you,
except the cold that will freeze you
to your very core 

the isolation
of the rubble and remnants
in the desolate woods,
trees bent and broken
in mourning, 

forsaken, friendless, and forlorn
by your own hand and ax,
the blaze now nothing
only embers.
your face aglow
from the red coals and tinder

hardly a campfire.

Copyright © Annie Velenovsky Photography 2020
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