About Annie

Hey! Thanks so much for visiting; I'm Annie Velenovsky and my name sounds like a James Bond villain, I know. I am a portrait and wedding photographer based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but I would love to travel to photograph you!  I photograph weddings, couples, families, and generally awesome humans with an insatiable thirst for life. I love the artists, the ones that crave the unconventional, the adventure seekers, the daydreamers and go-getters, the empaths, and the ones who won't settle. 

As an empath, I am inherently intuitive and bring that to the dynamic of my shoots to create images that articulate you in all of your uniqueness. Being a hybrid photographer just means that I shoot in both film and digital! I work almost entirely in film photography; I love the tangibility, depth, and breath of life film brings to your portraits. Authenticity and adventure are integral to me and film communicates both of those in a truly magical way. 

I squeal at all the cute animals, almost everything Nintendo does, and Studio Ghibli movies. Nature is my ultimate muse. I usually listen to the same five albums over and over again. My Myers-Briggs personality is INFJ and I laugh at pretty much anything. Rise Up coffee is the only coffee and if you've never had it before, you will by the time we are done shooting, I promise. I'm so glad you are here; thank you, friend.  

Let's Create Together! 

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