Proposal at Inn at Perry Cabin

Sometimes blessings are plopped right into your lap when you least expect it and being able to capture Neil and Emma’s engagement was totally one of those times. This was literally coordinated the day before. I was free, so obviously I was ready to roll. Surprise proposals are some of my favorite shoots; you can probably attribute that to the fact that I get to play secret spy for a bit while I wait for it to unfold. They couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous spot in St. Michaels for such a special moment in their lives. 

Anniversary in Easton’s Historic Garden

Just a little over a year ago, I shot Amanda and David’s offbeat, intimate ceremony at the Historic Pemberton Park in Salisbury, MD. Shooting their 1 year anniversary portrait was just as lovely; I love having them in front of my lens! :) 

Swaine Sisters 2017

I met Jenn & Julie around the beginning of my business endeavors and I am so thankful for that chance meeting because it sparked an amazing friendship. They’ve adopted me as a third sister and like, they just get me. It’s not often that you find your people, especially people who understand my incredibly jam packed full-time editor/creative entrepreneur life. 

Their sister dynamic makes me so excited (literally, I squeal, it’s… something) so I jump every time they want to get in front of my camera. We headed to the Historical Gardens in downtown Easton, MD to go through some black and white film together! 

Six Year Anniversary

6 years ago in a dusty old house on the bad side of Salisbury, he asked me to be his girlfriend on the most uncomfortable pull out couch after knowing each other for one day. I have an intuition for these kind of things and knew Alec would be important, and I was right. We’re getting married in a little over a year. We’ve been to hell and back, and I know every couple says that, but I mean seriously we have made it through the worst and know we can take on anything together. He is my very best friend, my other half, my polar bear and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. 

Kelsie & Cody | Engaged

Is it weird that I found Cody’s sprained wrist just another charming part of this engagement shoot? Probably, but nonetheless I did. Kelsie and Cody are absolutely dynamic together and as cheesy as it is, I could see the sparkles in their eyes photographing them.

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